Meet the Characters!

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Bing is a fun kind bird who comes from a very special bird family. He loves to fish, spend time with his friends and he's also a great leader. He live's in an oak tree by a big pond called "Bing's Pond" after Bing himself with his family. He is also the very first bird to land on Bird World!

Blue + King = Bing

Favorite Food: Fish (and nuts)

Bird Sound: "Hoo Hoo"

Loves: The color blue (and really all colors), fish, family, learning new things and his loyal friends.


Vibla is small but sweet. She is also quite speedy! She loves to flutter around in the sky. Great at flying and zipping through the sky. Even though she can be shy and doesn't like the spotlight as much as other birds she is still talented and very special! (She's also, learning to be more confident)

Violet + Blue = Vibla

Favorite Food: Small berries like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries...

Bird Sound: "Tweet"

Loves: Fluttering around, flying, zipping through the sky, flying, and flying 
(I could go on and on...)


Purmond is super peacefull and quiet. She is very curious about the world around her. One of her favorite things to do is sing with the beautiful voice she has been given! When it comes to music she shines! She is also one of the first inhabitants of Bird World.
Purple + Diamond = Purmond

Favorite Food: Corn and poppy seeds.

Bird Sound: "Furfeet" ( But she also loves to sing of course!)

Loves: Singing, almost anything to do with music, also peace and quiet.


Bufev is very special.

It's funny that looking back on my old "Bird logs" (From when I was younger) that was all his section said and in a way that's all you need to know! He is very special... when I think of the character of Bufev I think of one of the kindest, selfless, caring people I know. He's like a good friend who you can tell anything. He has this presence when he walks into a room and you can tell he has something different and you want to know what it is. 

(Just a side-note but I think It's really cool how God has been speaking to me through my own paintings! He can really speak through anything!)

Bananas + Feathers = Bufev

Favorite Food: Bananas of course!

Bird Sound: "Vff Vff" 

Loves: Playing with bananas