Brand new, I can see it in your eyes. Brand new, a new journeys on the rise

- Journey (Prelude)

It's Only The Beginning

I've had the concept for this album for a long time. 

I got a word at the beginning of the year 2020. 

The word was journey. And I can say looking back,

It certainly was one...

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The Journey

I've had the concept for this album for a long time. I got a word at the beginning of the year 2020. The word was journey. I can say looking back, It certainly was one! Who would've know the whole world would shut down that year? But, more specifically, the phrase that had come to mind in the beginning was "a journey with a good destination." Although 202O was hard in some ways, in other ways it was also really good. For me, it definitely ended way better than it started. But, I think the dream of what this project would become started before that...


I've been writing songs ever since I can remember and dreaming up album ideas or what I could do if I could play a certain instrument or sing a certain note. At a certain point I think I was really caught in perfectionism. Everything had to be perfect. And for a while I lived that way. But, the truth is, nothing is perfect and no one on this earth can be. Eventually I started breaking out of that and learning the difference between excellence and perfection, which led me to creating a lot more. I found myself wanting to create things even just for fun and not necessarily for work (Which I had stopped doing for a bit) That freedom of creativity is so precious. I never want to lose it. It's a continual process of learning and growing into who you're meant to be and this album, in many ways, represents that. There are songs in here from many different times in my life. Some more recent, some from much further in the past. But all apart of the journey.

More of the Journey

Surprise! 6 new tracks! There were several songs at the time of Journey that I felt like fit in with the overall theme but were not complete yet or I had decided not to put on the album . But now, here they are because they deserve a place of their own and I wanted you all to get to hear them!

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