Vision is Art Exhibit

Welcome back to my journal here are some really special highlights about my showing in the Operation Site Vision is Art Exhibit! First of all it felt really awesome to be donating to such an important cause and it was really fun to show my artwork again! Secondly, I got to be on Lowcountry live. It was one of the most exiting days of my life to be on tv. Here is the video. The other painting in the picture is one of my dad's and mom's collaborative pieces that were also in the show.

Another really cool thing about the show was that I sold two of my birds into two amazing new homes! One of them I just recently created for the show! Her name is Colloat and she loves fashion and also lives in the jungle. She will be at Carolina Eyecare to stay!

The next one is Recheck my checkered bird who loves shapes and objects. He is now with some more good friends.

So thats whats been going on! I will be journaling soon about more new pieces so check back soon for more pictures in my gallery and new journal posts and share this one if you think it's awesome!

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New Website New Art Show

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