Illustration News!!!!

Welcome back everyone! This is day 5 of posting an art post every day! As you may have noticed I have been sharing a lot more of my digital work lately. It's a lot of fun! Some of them are for a kind-of secret project I have been working on.  Some are for contests. And some are just fun! Either way digital drawing has been really fun so far so, here are some more that I wanted to share with you!

Find my Daily Challenge to post something everyday on Instagram and Facebook as shown below! Click to enlarge.

------Stay Inspired

Elianna Radin

PS. I hope to share a little more on part of my project soon!

Update!!!! Here is part of the project! I am still working on it but wanted to release it early so check back soon! Click the link to see a new page all about my birds:

Bird Log

Right now you can only acces it here to get a sneak peek!

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