My First Official Illustration Job!

Wow!  It's been so cool to get to do this and I'm excited I can finally share it with you all! I illustrated a book! It’s a beautiful story, and I know it will impact many people. The book Is called "Where Only You Belong" written by Stephanie Quinn Jones (and illustrated by me!) It's a short poetic story about how, in a mother's heart, there will always be a special space where only their child can belong... and even as a family grows, that space will still be there...

You can find and purchase it through the links below!

Barnes & Noble




Here's a sneak peek!

 Watching it all come to life has been one of the most exciting experiences. This will forever be one of my favorite projects.

I also wanted to mention the Author has another amazing book before this one. I didn't Illustrate it but you should definitely check it out! It's called The Upside Down Kingdom:

------Stay Inspired

Elianna Radin

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