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Recently I was looking back on Artist On Fire's 2013 Piccolo Spoleto show "Sweet!" and remembering the many artists that participated and the work that was part of the themed exhibit. 2013 is such a nostalgic year for me. I have many fond memories of that show and time in my life.  "Sweet!" was a depiction of some the sweetest things in life and I feel like that is such a great idea to get inspiration from. The idea of looking at the sweet things, focusing on whatever is good, lovley, true... and being satistfied is a beautiful concept to me. Being able to share the experience of "Sweet!" will forever be one of my favorite topics. 

I thought, You know what? What if we could all focus on the sweet things in life a little more? Not that we ignore the hard stuff or pretend it's not there, because in the world we live in right now, epecially, it's importiant to be aware. But instead of giving into feeling hopless or depressed we can find even just little joys, positive and sweet things that add something good to our lives everyday. 

So, In an effort to do this more, here are a few sweet things in my life recently:

I Illustrated a book! So thankful to get to do that!

I have some amazing friends in my life that are constantly supporting me and encouraging me. 

I live in a creative enviorment.

My dog loves the weather right now. It makes him so happy

The sky has been so pretty.

I've been painting more.

I cut my own bangs recently.

I'll be selling some T-Shirts from Inspire Joy in person for the holidays!

Lastly, here are some pictures from "Sweet!" I found while reminiscing that will hopefully bring to mind a few sweet memories and things in your life :)

------Stay Inspired

Elianna Radin

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