The Trilogy

This is... The Trilogy.

A trilogy of paintings, songs and media. A highly experimental project from the end of 2022. Hey everyone! This is an end of the year project called The Trilogy. I had the last minute brainstorm to explore the concept of a trilogy and from that I created what I like to call a triple trilogy...

It tells a story, but the story it tells is up to you and your interpretation.

To experience The Trilogy click Here

If you want to know a little about the meaning behind my creating this project, here it is:

Sometimes life is tough. Change is hard. This Trilogy, among other things, really has to do with the idea of processing change… some things ending, some things beginning, some things staying the same… change. Learning to love change, at least for me, is a continual process.  I’m not always good at it, but looking back or “Reflecting” (see what I did there) on how far I’ve come and what I’ve gone through really puts things in perspective. When creating this, or really anything, I draw from experience but also from imagination.

The story starts out with a girl who's afraid of change ( I think we've all been there) and wants to stay in a perfect moment forever. She ends up going through something hard and has to begin to let go. Eventually on the otherside she realizes that she's able to be a truer more authentic version of herself.

I’m also trying to get better at sharing stuff with people even when it’s not perfect, so there are for sure some parts of this that I wasn’t sure about but decided to put out there anyway because who knows? It just might mean something to someone. All in all that’s a little behind the scenes! 

( “Reflecting” was another project from this year! To find out a little more about that piece click here)

------Stay Inspired

Elianna Radin

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